Međugorje preparing for the 33rd Anniversary of Our Lady's apparitions

date: 21.06.2014.

Parishioners and many pilgrims from country and all over the world are preparing for celebration of the 33rd Anniversary of Our Lady's apparitions that is celebrated on June 25,2014. Novena began on June 15, 2014, and that programme consisted of Rosary on Apparition Hill at 4 p.m., Rosary at the White Dome at 6 p.m. and Holy Mass at 7 p.m.The Information Office registered groups from Italy, the United States, Slovakia, Romania, Singapore, Belgium, Poland, France, Switzerland, Austria, Brazil, Spain, Ireland, England, Canada, Korea, China and Lebanon. Numerous pilgrims will be walking to Medjugorje on that day and we met some who fulfilled their vows before that day. We had chance to talk to Ana Milos, and Matija and Ruza Rados from village Crvenice near Tomislavgrad. They walked here and told us that this is not their first time to walk to Medjugorje. Ana did it for 24 times: "We had rainy weather, but with the help of God it all went well. We are here to thank God and Blessed Mother for all of the graces that we received in the previous years."