Međugorje pilgrim Siniša Pucić: „Međugorje is the source of my faith”

date: 19.06.2015.

May pilgrims are arriving to Medjugorje in this period of Novena to the Queen of Peace, and among them we had chance to meet Siniša Pucić from Rijeka, Croatia. He is at the moment a Franciscan postulant in Samobor, close to Zagreb, Croatia. He spoke to us about his life in the monastery and about the influence of Medjugorje on his vocation. He said he always gladly returns here: „Međugorje determined my life towards God, towards vocation. I can repeat this over and over again, before anyone and I always proudly say that with certain gratitude. My life changed after I came here for the first time with my mother, back in 1997. Ever since that time, my life took completely different course. I am not sure what would have happened with me if I continued the old way of life, if the Lord, through the Blessed Virgin Mary, had not entered in my life in that week. It was in three days that my life had changed, all through the prayers on Apparition Hill, beautiful Holy Masses and the experiences we had here. Medjugorje is the source of my faith, of my life and of everything good that happened afterwards”, said Siniša and added how he never felt such love in the Lord, Gospa and Rosary as much as he felt here and it was that he brought back with him to his town. “Medjugorje always brings us back here. We all long towards communion in our everyday life and perhaps it is something hardest to be achieved in today’s way of life. Here, not just that we accomplish that communion as brothers and sisters, but it is also communion with God and people, communion in its fullness. I think that is the answer to why so many people return here. I can have the experience of Holy Mass and Rosary somewhere else as well, but here it is different. The focus is always on those important things for our sacramental spiritual life. When all of that blends into one, those three or seven days in Medjugorje are enough for one to experience newness of life and for one to change and live that change. Hopefully, all of that would last until we again return to Medjugorje”, said Siniša.