Medjugorje changed my life

date: 24.09.2012.

Jean Azar comes from Lebanon and he came to Medjugorje in 2002 for the first time. That was a very difficult period of his life, he had several suicide attempts and he received grace to be healed in Medjugorje. “God touched my heart through Our Lady and ever since then I have been walking with Her. Many things changed in my life, I became better person ever since I live Our Lady’s messages and meditate on them every day. I was able to see my whole life in front of my eyes, from early childhood to mature period and I felt God’s grace close to me all the time. I was only one year old when I lost my father and I was three and a half when I saw my teacher being killed by the bomb that exploded in the front yard of our school. Those two events influenced me for the whole life, but I can see now that grace of our Lord is so great and is above all that. I only thank dear Lord for giving me the grace to come here every year. I can never thank Our Lady for leading me to Her Son every day”, said Jean and added that his sister recommended him to come here after she read a lot about Medjugorje. “She saw that I was in a difficult state and she told me how I should try to come here. I was saying to her that Our Lady is everywhere, why should I be going to Medjugorje to heal myself. But, after I read that book, I was really moved. I decided to come here, but before that, I wrote a letter to Our Lady and I raised many questions to Her. It was on that first pilgrimage that all of my questions were answered”, said Jean.