Medjugorje and Ireland

date: 14.03.2015.

Mr. Paul Wallace from Ireland introduced us to the National Council of Medjugorje for Ireland. Paul said that the Irish were among the first groups of pilgrims which arrived in Medjugorje: “When we heard back in 1981, that the Gospa was appearing behind the iron curtain in Medjugorje, we were all very curious. I personally know two ladies who came here as long ago as 1981. In those early years, people came individually or in small organised groups. They would bring back information about what was happening, but often it was wrong. The pilgrims who took their pilgrimages seriously invited the late Fr. Slavko Barbaric to come to Ireland. The National Council of Medjugorje was created as a result of that visit, and the council is very active when it comes to issues regarding Medjugorje. We have 32 counties in Ireland and the council consists of the representatives of all these counties. We meet every two months and usually receive reports from all these representatives. When the council was first formed, the goal was to spread the messages of Our Lady in Ireland and we have been fulfilling that task over all of these years. The messages come to everyone who wants to receive them. A fruit of our work is also the annual spiritual retreat held in the first week of November, when one of the priests or representatives of Medjugorje comes to be with us. In February every year we organise a half day of prayer for Our Lady’s intentions; for her plans to be realised. We also try to distribute information for group leaders and pilgrims. We support prayer groups which meet in Ireland and these are the greatest fruit of Medjugorje. In the beginning we also supported the Medjugorje Herald magazine and we support books with the messages of the Queen of Peace which are regularly being published. There are many priests who felt a vocation for the priesthood here in Medjugorje.”