Media coverage of 22st Youth Festival

date: 30.07.2011.

You can follow 22st Youth Festival, both just audio transmittance or video through our TV or Web cameras, through Internet radio and directly through following radio stations:

Radiopostaja Mir Međugorje,
Radio  Maria Austrija,
Radio Maria Južni Tirol,
Radio Maria Srbija (Subotica),

or through Internet pages and links both live audio and video in various languages:   (Deutsch)   (Italiano)   (English)  (Espagnol)  (Hrvatski)  (Korean)  (Francais)  (Cantonese – Hong Kong)


or just audio at the above links:    Barix1 (Deutsch)    Barix2 (Italiano)    Barix3 (English)    Barix4 (Espagnol)    Barix5 (Hrvatski)    Barix6 (Korean)    Barix7 (Francais)    Barix8 (Cantonese – Hong Kong)     -  (Polish)     -  (Ungarian)     -  (Kineski)