May – Our Lady’s month in Medjugorje

date: 02.05.2014.

We are now in the month that is especially devoted to the Blessed Virgin Mary and we are all invited to be included a bit more into the evening prayer programme and prayer of Rosary and Holy Mass, so we could thank Mary for all the graces She bestowed upon us. The timetable of the evening prayer programme had changed from May 1, and Rosary is now at 6 p.m., while Holy Mass is at 7 p.m. This period is very popular for many pilgrims, that according to the Information Office records, have arrived from Germany, Austria, Ireland, England, the United States, Canada, Italy, France, Poland, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Ukraine, Belgium, Hungary, Latvia, Lebanon, Korea, Sweden and Norway. We had chance to talk to many pilgrims from Croatia and one of them, Zdenka from Rijeka, told us that this is her third visit to Medjugorje together with her parishioners. “I came here last year with my parish and I came once with my family. This is where I receive peace and my wish is to bring it back home to everyone I meet.” Marija from Nova Gradiska brings pilgrims to Medjugorje and comes here four or five times a year, “Medjugorje is something that cannot be described. This is where once gets peace, joy and love. People experience healings.”