Maurizio Baldacci: „The most important thing opening of heart“

date: 17.03.2017.

Maurizio Baldacci, President of Association of Italian leaders to Marian Shrines (AIASM), participated in the 24th International Meeting for Group Leaders held in Medjugorje. He has been coming here since 2006, for these meetings and thinks such encounters are extremely important for formation of leaders of pilgrimages. This Association has been organising in Italy one day or few days seminars of formation for its members and they always discuss concrete problems they are facing when working with pilgrims.

Maurizio said for the programme of radio „Mir“ Međugorje: „When we go on a pilgrimage, we always say to our pilgrims that the most important is to open hearts. When our hearts are not opened, Gospa cannot reach us. That is when the pilgrimage becomes the waste of time. I heard about Medjugorje for the first time in 2004, from one priest who lives in my town. I immediately felt desire to come here with my wife, but due to business difficulties it was not possible back then. However, all those circumstances were miraculously resolved, my boss was changed and I got the opportunity to go on leave and my wife got a new job. We realised that Gospa wanted us to be here and She opened the way for us. Continue to protect this place with your lives and your prayers, as this is the place where Gospa wishes to tell us so much more.“