Married couple Barač from Switzerland: „We experienced conversion in Medjugorje”

date: 27.04.2017.

Married couple Kristina and Zvonimir Barač come from the Croatian Catholic Mission Zürich in Switzerland. They have five children from 6 months to 10 years of age, and Kristina came to live there in the beginning of the homeland war here. They spoke on our radio Mir and shared the story of their conversion in Medjugorje, how their life of faith began when their first child was born and how they came with him here.

„We were brought up as Christians. Sometimes we would attend Holy Mass, but we did not know much about Medjugorje. We experienced our conversion in Medjugorje. When we got married, our first trip as a married couple was here and ever since that time, we come here each year. We learned how to pray together, we found communion in love and in peace, and we discovered our marital harmony here too. We were drawn more to faith and to God. When I am here in Medjugorje, this is like my spiritual renewal – I gain strength, love and peace in my soul. It is much easier when I return home, as we receive so many spiritual fruits like love, peace, joy, communion in marriage and life with our children, simply the fullness of life!” says Kristina, and her husband Zvonimir added: „Now, we cannot even imagine not going for Holy Mass. If you are not there, something is missing in your heart and in your soul. Each time we return home after being in Medjugorje, our hearts are enriched. Medjugorje firms my soul for the whole year, it gives me strength.”