Married couple: „Međugorje is our second home”

date: 21.07.2014.

Šimo and Nada Šarčević came to Međugorje from the parish of St. Joseph the Worker from Belišće to participate at the 15th International Seminar for Married Couples that was held from July 13-16. They are married 35 years now and this is their second seminar for married couples: “We can learn so much at these seminars, so much to share with our spouses especially how and what to share when it is not easy for us. We really had nice time, we learned so much about our marriage”. Nada said that she has been coming to Međugorje from the very beginning and was here more than 30 times: “I gladly come here because I always feel peace here. There is a lot of prayer here and that really suits me. Medjugorje is our second home, we grew with it ever since we started coming, by listening to the homilies, participating in the evening prayer programme. We raised our children with Medjugorje, we always brought them here. We are so happy to see many pilgrims from all over the world because we can see how Gospa loves us all and we are so blessed to be part of that”, said Nada and her husband added that in September they will have parish pilgrimage to Medjugorje that has been taking place for more than 15 years: “We plan to come with 150-200 people from our parish, as we always do, all thanks to the Franciscans from our parish.”