Marko from Osijek: „I am most impressed by the Eucharistic Adoration during the Youth Festival“

date: 02.08.2017.

Journalists of Radio „Mir“ Međugorje during the Youth Festival have been talking to many young people and they are trying to share their experiences in the programme of radio Mir. Marko Šteko from Osijek has been coming for the fifth year now to the Youth Festival.

Marko told us this: „One can feel something really special here. Just as Fr. Marinko said yesterday, this is the invitation, we’ve been all called to come here. Peace that one feels here during this week recharges us for the whole year. The Eucharistic Adoration impresses me the most here. Along with the Holy Mass, this is the highlight of a day – to fall on our knees and to surrender all to God, to thank Him and to be here with the Catholics from all over the world.“