Marin Čilić came to his birth place - Medjugorje

date: 17.09.2014.

Marin Čilić, the winner of this year’s US Open, came to his birth place Medjugorje on Tuesday, September 16. He was welcomed by many parishioners and pilgrims who congratulated him on his victory and the success he had achieved. Marin was also welcomed by the Franciscans from Medjugorje and the parish priest Fr. Marinko Sakota who had congratulated him as well. Marin took part in the evening prayer programme that was held at the White Dome of St. James’ church with the Rosary at 5 p.m. and Holy Mass at 6 p.m. that was celebrated by the parish priest with 67 priests that concelebrated. The celebration was even more beautiful thanks to the singing of the Franciscan Youth, choir Friends and the parish choir of the Queen of Peace. After the Holy Mass there was special programme held in honour of Marin, who thanked everyone who were his support in these days.

This famous young man from Medjugorje was born on September 28, 1988 and when he was 14 he moved from Medjugorje to Zagreb. He is among top ten tennis players on ATP list, at the moment he is ninth that confirms his best rating from 2010. His greatest success was in Parish, when he won the tournament in 2005 as junior player. His career developed from that time a lot. He played for Davis Cup team for the first time against Austria and Argentina in Zagreb when Croatian public had chance to get to know him.

He began to play tennis when he was seven and his first tennis club was in Metkovic in Croatia. When he was 15, he was the first player of Europe in the category up to 16 years of age and three months before his 17th birthday he won Roland Garros and became the first junior tennis player in the world.