Marija Husar: „Međugorje is my second home“

date: 27.04.2017.

Croatian musician Marija Husar, together with Alan Hržica and Petar Buljan, led prayer and worship celebration on April 22, at the White Dome of St. James’ church in Medjugorje. Marija was our guest in the radio programme of radio Mir Medjugorje and she spoke about her experience of Medjugorje, as she has been coming here since 2004.

„Međugorje is my second home and I come here at least twice or three times a year. I came here for the first time in 2000, and I came with my aunt from Argentina who wanted to visit this place. I was absent for few years afterwards, but since 2004, I come here regularly. I am fascinated by the testimonies here, changes that happen in people, great love of pilgrims who are coming here and who keep coming back, as well as my personal experiences I had here. The first time I arrived here, I thought about this all until I realised that the anniversary of the apparitions is celebrated on June 25, which is my birthday, and I was not aware of that before. Ever since then, I celebrate my birthdays here in Medjugorje. I would like to say to all who have not been here to come here – this is the place of special grace! We are not aware what we have here, that is why people from all over the world are coming here. I think we’ve been so blessed with Medjugorje.“

Marija spoke about her conversion too: „My conversion happened in the moment when I was prepared to receive the fullness of love and that fullness of love is still with me even today. It has imbued my life completely and placed me on this path, and through me it has undertaken the rest of my family. My life is different today in the sense that today I am only involved in the spiritual music. That is my testimony and my life – I think that people then are able to feel the sincerity and authenticity of what one person says and lives. I can say that I am blessed to be involved in the spiritual music.“

                                                      Radiopostaja „Mir“ Međugorje