date: 06.07.2015.

HVIDRA and the student associations SKAC Palma and MAGIS, as well as other associations of former soldiers and communities, began their first pilgrimage called Marian Vow for Homeland. This pilgrimage will last for 70 days and they will walk for 1500 kilometres. Pilgrims will go through most of the Marian shrines in Croatia, and they will also walk a part of their journey in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Many faithful from the surrounding towns and villages are joining to participate in this walk.  Fr. Ivan-Ike Mandurić, the President of the Association SKAC, was our guest in the programme of radio „Mir“ Međugorje and told us that pilgrims began their pilgrimage on June 21 from Gunja in Croatia. This idea was growing for several years and pilgrims plan to come to Medjugorje. “We realised that today there are only few pilgrimages in our lives, and hardly anyone walks, as they walked before. This is a pilgrimage of students, former soldiers who fought and defended Croatia in recent war, it is a pilgrimage of the Croatian army and youth and we will be praying for all those who were killed as well as for our homeland Croatia. We would like to go through some of the Marian shrines in this pilgrimage that is divided in several stages. We will go through Medjugorje and we plan to finish our pilgrimage on hill Srd above Dubrovnik in the end of August. We feel that this pilgrimage should rise in the spiritual renewal of the Croatian people”, said Fr. Ivan – Ike Mandurić.


All information about the pilgrimage are available on their Facebook profile.