Many seminars to be held in 2015

date: 08.01.2015.

Every year apart from the regular seminars of fasting and prayer, there are various international seminars held in Medjugorje. Some of these seminars have at this point long tradition, while some were initiated only recently. They are intended for priests, lay people, leaders of centres, married couples, doctors and medical staff. The first seminar to be held this year will take place from March 2-6, 2015 and it will be the 22nd International Seminar for Organisers of Pilgrimages, Leaders of Peace Centres, Prayer and Charity Groups related to Medjugorje. The theme of this seminar is: “Peace be with you! (John 20,21) in Our Lady’s School”. The lecturer is Fr. Marinko Sakota, parish priest of Medjugorje parish.