Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow: „It is very inspiring to come to Medjugorje and to see so many young people praying for hours on their knees before Jesus“

date: 25.01.2016.

Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow from Scotland is the founder of the humanitarian organisation Mary's Meals. It was in 1983, that he discovered Medjugorje and that was what changed his life as well as the lives of his parents. During the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Magnus began to bring the humanitarian aid which eventually grew to the establishment of the humanitarian organisation Mary's Meals. This organisation reached in 2015, the number of 1.035 637 children who have everyday meal in their school in the poorest countries of the world. Magnus received several international acknowledgements for his work. He said that this apostolate of  Mary’s Meals was not initiated with the purpose of becoming famous: „I am not interested in the success in the eyes of the world. I believe we should all try to become successful in the terms of our own holiness. That has nothing to do with becoming world famous or with performing some obvious, dramatically good deeds.   It is all about faithfulness, with our vicinity with God and our decision for Him to be at the first place in our lives“, said Magnus who gave a testimony at the Youth Festival last year here in Medjugorje: „I really like coming for the Youth Festival each year. There are many beautiful things every year, but also some new ones. The Youth Festival thrills me each time even though I know many people who converted here and whose lives we changed here in Medjugorje. There are so many fruits coming from this place. We all need messages of Medjugorje even though those aren't anything new, those messages are from the Gospel. Our Lady is inviting us to return to that message of Gospel. We need that call, it is return to Her Son, therefore I find it so inspiring to come here and to see so many young people praying on their knees before Jesus, as that is what the world needs now so much“.