Life of Medjugorje parish in winter days

date: 06.01.2017.

After Christmas and New Year busy period, Medjugorje now enters peaceful and quieter prayer time for parishioners, Franciscans, Franciscan school sisters and all those who work here. There are few pilgrims left, all seeking for personal encounter with Jesus and Mary in quiet prayer on Hills, in the church and Adoration Chapel.

Sacramental and pastoral life of the parish is according to the ordinary schedule. The prayer programme in the church is according to the schedule, all faithful have opportunity for confession before the evening prayer programme, while prayer on Cross Mountain is on Fridays, on Apparition Hill on Sundays, and whole-night Adoration every 25th in the month.

Parish Office Medjugorje sent a message for the parish: “Dear parishioners, as we now enter quiet period with less obligations than during the season, we would like to invite you to the evening prayer programme. Let us recollect ourselves for prayer of Rosary and Holy Mass, so we would thank our good Lord for all graces we received through the intercession of the Queen of Peace.” (photos)