Leo Palladinetti from Italy: “Message of Medjugorje is important for the whole world”

date: 29.10.2013.

There are many pilgrims in Medjugorje at the end of this October and they came from all over the world. The Information Office registered groups from: Italy, Austria, Korea, France, the United States, Germany, Slovenia, Belgium, Ukraine, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Venezuela, Canada, England and Switzerland. Leo Palladinetti comes from Senegalia, region of Ancona in Italy. After he retired as a police officer he started coming to Medjugorje since October 1984. “If I was to honestly say why I am coming here and why do I bring pilgrims, I would not have explanation for my first visit to Medjugorje together with one exorcist priest. But, when I look back at all those years, I can see that Lord and Heavenly Mother had completely clear plan because I do not have any other explanation”, said Leo who said how fruits of Medjugorje are numerous and he sees them in his life as well as in the lives of his friends and pilgrims. One of the fruits is a prayer community that gathers in prayer and the other is little prayer group that prays in the hospital for life, against abortions. “We have prayer community that gathers every second Sunday and the prayer programme is similar to programme in Medjugorje. The other group is active in the hospital. Both of those groups have their spiritual assistant who is a priest. I met many people who were touched by Medjugorje. That is how many prayer groups were founded and all were inspired by the spirituality of Medjugorje. Our local bishop has approved our work, which means a lot to us”, said this Italian pilgrim and added that message of Medjugorje is really strong for the whole world.