Lenten talk held in Medjugorje

date: 18.03.2015.

A Lenten talk with the theme “Man – husband and father“ was given on Tuesday, March 17, in Medjugorje in the hall of St. John Paul II at 7 p.m. The lecturer was Dr. Jozefina Škarica, a specialist in the school of medicine and a counsellor for marriage and the family in the Sibenik diocese for many years. The talk was organised on the eve of the Feast of St. Joseph, the patron saint of families and fathers. Speaking about the theme of the talk Dr. Škarica said: “It is just one title and every sentence spoken in addition to this title, could in itself be another title as every human being is incomplete in his core. A husband has a wife next to him, they are married and in love.  They are partners who share everything and each one of them has a role. They live together and they live not only their marriage but they work, and move outside their home: sometimes they live in a special cultural environment. Yet, at the same time they both have a great role in keeping their marriage going and of investing in it every day, without expecting someone else to do it for them. When they have children, there are many things involved in their relationship, since a good marriage is a good foundation for the solid upbringing of children. These two people should enter into their marriage with maturity and the thought: that they are both equally responsible for the success of their marriage and that they both need to educate their children. Tonight, I would like to show men those beautiful things that they have within themselves that their wives need from them. They may not even be aware of it; perhaps they think that they just need to provide for their wives financially. Women today are less financially dependent and they no longer marry for security, but they marry out of love, to be with someone and to live in love“.  Dr. Škarica was the lecturer at the 15th International Seminar for Married Couples held in Medjugorje last year from July 13-16, 2014.