Lenten reflections to take place every Wednesday on our media platform

date: 17.02.2021.

Lenten reflections will take place each Wednesday during the Lent, starting with this Wednesday, after the evening prayer programme. They are organised by parish of Medjugorje and Information Centre Mir Medjugorje and you can follow these through live streaming service.

In the previous years, these events were organised in the Hall of John Paul II, after the evening prayer programme, but this year we take those events to our media platforms and those will be available on YouTube channels and FaceBook pages, but also live in our radio programme. The first reflection will take place this Wednesday and it would be given by Fr. Marinko Sakota, Medjugorje parish priest on the theme of fasting.

These reflections would be half an hour long and other Franciscans like Fr. Stanko Mabić, OFM and Fr. Ante Vučković, OFM and themes would include fasting, prayer, temptations, desert, the Word of God and forgiveness.