Jimmy Belabre, one of users of Mary's Meals

date: 25.09.2016.

Mary's Meals is a global project that many people from all over the world support. The purpose of this project is to enable hungry children to have nutritious daily meals at schools, as well as to give opportunity to those who live in good conditions to share with those who have not been that blessed in their lives. Everyone can become a part of this project in different ways, by prayer, volunteering and material aid. As their founder said, Mary's Meals are connection of many deeds of love.  If all sacrifices are united, something beautiful will be created out of it.

Mary's Meals are preset in 12 countries at five continents. Haiti, one of the poorest countries in the world, is one of those countries where poverty is widespread and education is very poor. Situation that was bad was worsened after catastrophic earthquake in 2010.

Jimmy Belabre, a singer from Haiti, who lived for 12 years with the help of Mary's Meals, came to the Youth Festival this year and said: „Thank God, I had help of Mary's Meals, food and education. I began to dream my dreams and I became aware that it was possible for me to become who I wanted to be“. People like him, young and hard working, they are hope and future of the countries where Mary's Meals come.

Probably, not even in his dreams, he couldn't have imagined that one day he would be in Medjugorje recording music spots, as much as Medjugorje team could not have expected that. It was on August 7, 2016, that the following musicians recorded together in Studio 3 of radio station Mir Međugorje: Jimmy Belabre (text and music), Joe Black (guitar), Davor Epet (guitar), Ivan Musa (electric guitar), Silvije Nuić (bass guitar), Josip Bošnjak (piano) i Mario Brkić (drums).

The whole project was spontaneous and it took place one day after the Youth Festival was finished in Medjugorje. Ivan Musa said for radio „Mir“ Međugorje: „Jimmy was a great part of our team and everything turned really well. I was aware of Mary's Meals and there is a huge number of youth who thanks to them get meals and education“.

You can view spot on radio Medjugorje web site: https://www.facebook.com/Radiopostaja-MIR-Me%C4%91ugorje-1206948569322266/