Irish pilgrims: “We find peace in Medjugorje”

date: 13.06.2014.

Pilgrims from Germany, Austria, the United States, Ireland, Italy, France, Korea, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and England have arrived to Medjugorje this June. We had chance to speak to pilgrims from Ireland who told us that here in Medjugorje, they are enjoying tremendous peace. Dolores Toland came for the first time 10 years ago and she heard about Medjugorje from her friend who kept telling her about this place. She said that she finds peace here: “People are very god and friendly and one can receive that inner peace easily here when all emotions we have come out to the surface. We did not come here to seek for a miracle, but only for those things that we can receive from this peace and to speak about it when we return home.” Veronica came here in 1987, for the first time and told us that she was blessed to have met late Fr. Slavko exactly at the time when his book “Pray with the heart” was released. “Fr. Slavko signed a book for me and I keep it like a treasure. Every year when I come here, I say that this is my last trip, but I keep coming back and this is my 18th trip here. Peace cannot be described here. Ever since I first came here, I pray the Rosary every single day. We are trying to become better persons, we never persuade people to come here, but we allow Gospa to invite them to come.”