Interview: Fr. Marinko Stantić, spiritual counselor of the community Hosanna

date: 15.01.2009.

The community Hosanna is a branch of the community Merciful Father from Medjugorje. The house that is situated in Stari Žednik, a little town 15 kilometers from Subotica, in Serbia, is one of the three houses, which give shelter to men who suffer under addiction. Although the capacity of the house is limited to 12 persons, the community is accommodating 16 men, and needs are much greater. Prayer and work are an integral part of life in the community, just as in Medjugorje. Leaders of the community are those who are close to healing.


Fr. Marinko, you are the founder of this community. When was it founded and how did you decide to take this step?

The house was blessed on July 7, 2007. When I came for the first time with a friend to the Cenacolo community in Medjugorje, in 2005/06, I met there a young man from Sombor who spoke about his life, and who fascinated me with his story. At the end of my stay in the community, he underlined: “Father, if you want to open a community in Vojvodina, keep me in touch, because the need is great.” I was fascinated by these words. The Lord gave a call, I answered, and so we starded slowly. I was looking for sponsors, I found them, and now we go forward.


How did the inhabitants of Stari Žednik react to a community of this type in their town?

I want to pay tribute to the parishioners. They received the boys very warmly and they help them wholeheartedly.


What is happening in the community?

If someone wants to see resurrection with his own eyes, let him come to the community: he can touch it, it is a true resurrection. Those who were dead in every way are praising God now. Everybody is glad about a success: student because of a good mark, peasants because of the fruits of the earth, workers for a good pay, and we are glad when a bog leaves the community in good health. If someone wants to succeed in life, believe me, he will succeed only with God. God permits drugs, alcohol and other vices for men to feel how evil is strong, and to come back to God.


Those who want to help this community may visit the web page


Ivana Zovko & Dragana Dugandžić