In memoriam Otto Herz

date: 20.05.2005.

A great friend and benefactor of Medjugorje, Mr. Otto Herz (63 years), was called into the heavenly homeland on May 19, 2005, after a long and very serious illness. Since his first pilgrimage to Medjugorje in the year 1994, the importance of Medjugorje and the large needs of the population became the central task of his life. With Fr. Slavko Barbaric, he founded in the year 1995 the non-profit association „Tal des Friedens“ e.V., in Pöring near Munich, in order to win godfathers for the war orphans of the children in Bosnia and Herzegovina and to support with donations various humanitarian projects, which had been founded by Fr. Slavko. Thus, in the course of the years and thanks to the untiring and generous service of Otto and his wife Betty, not only considerable sums of money were collected for the poor of this country, but also humanitarian goods were collected and transported for the needy, in a way exceeding his forces. This long-lasting devoted activity was recognised by the Federal Republic of Germany, which honoured Otto and his always helpful and affectionate wife Betty in the year 2002 with the Medal of merit.

Because of his serious illness, it was no longer possible for Otto to visit his beloved Medjugorje in the past year, although this was his greatest desire.

We thank Otto for his great heart, always open for the poor and the needy of our country, and for everything that he did for the intentions of Our Lady in such a generous and exemplary way. Thank you, dear Otto, thank you, dear Betty, we include you both into our prayers.