Humanitarian concert was held as a help to flooded areas

date: 04.06.2014.

The concert organised by the parish of Medjugorje was held on Monday, June 2, 2014, at the White Dome of parish church of St. James, as a help to flooded areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia. These were participants of the concert: Choir of the Queen of Peace, Jakov Čolo, Franciscan Youth of Međugorje, Melinda Dumitrescu, David Parkes, Choir “Friends”. Jela Odak, the President of the Guides Association for Pilgrims in the parish of Međugorje told us that the main initiator od this concert was Jakov Čolo: „We organised one simple concert, with hymns to Our Lady, to help people in flooded areas. We wanted to say to them that we were close to them, not just us from Medjugorje, but also numerous pilgrims who have big hearts.” They all had opportunity to put their contributions during the concert and to support this humanitarian project. All the help that was collected will be transferred through church institutions. Fr. Marinko Šakota, parish priest of Međugorje parish, thanked everyone who helped in this project.