Homily of Fr. Branimir Musa for the 33rd Anniversary of Our Lady’s apparitions

date: 26.06.2014.

Fr. Branimir Musa, parish priest from Tihaljina, celebrated the central Holy Mass for the 33rd Anniversary of Our Lady’s apparitions along with 247 priests who concelebrated. Fr. Branimir said that anniversaries of some events are deeply rooted into the awareness of individuals and people, and they turn them into feasts and solemnities. In the same way, he said, we honour this day because 33 years ago, in this little Herzegovinian village, according to the testimony of six visionaries who were children then and are adults today, Our Lady appeared with baby Jesus in Her arms. “If the truth can be derived from the actions and deeds, not just from the abstract premises, than this is the work of God, for the new spiritual life is growing in Medjugorje. Medjugorje as the synonym of the apparitions is not opposition, but strength of one holy Catholic and apostolic Church. Christ is criteria and foundation to all of the truths. This is where we want to preach about Christ and the truth. Many are asking questions about how many pilgrims were here in the last thirty-three years. The numbers are not important. We do not count pilgrims but I know that only in the last year, two million Holy Communions were ministered here. That is the strength of the faith and of the Church, those are the miracles that feed fallen, sinful and weak. If someone is seeking for a miracle to be healed, he needs to know that miracle itself does not only bring health, but brings God as well, and with God, everything else will come: peace, joy and forgiveness. The miracle does not speak only about man but about God and miracle always helps men to recognise God. A miracle is a white host in which God dwells. Why did God chose this place? Looking backwards, we were at the bottom of life where everything was destroyed either with personal omissions or by force of foreigners. I can recall the unsafe atmosphere that we had in 80’s and all of the darkness that reigned in these regions. The political relations of east and west were at the breaking point and it was right here, at the border of time and of space that Gospa appeared. God did not make his Covenant with Assyrians or with Egyptians, with those who were culturally more appropriate, but with sons of Israel who were enslaved. The country of slavery was declared to be the country of milk and honey. It is right here where God desires to have renewal of the New Covenant because we are so deeply rooted in sin and He surely did not forget the promise given to our fathers. God’s work is unusual. In a special way, he reflects his strength and love for he raised up the hungry, persecuted and does not want to feed us with crumbs but with Himself, the food that never decays. Our Lady spoke to us in this place on many occasions and was pointing to us what we should be like. That is nothing unusual. Does not that real, earthly mother speak throughout the whole day. She is teaching, advising, warning us and love makes her do that. In the Holy Scripture we have seven places where Mary speaks. Those are not just speeches, but those are seven commandments of love. The first commandment is: love is choice and decision, love comes from God and lives from responses. Mary responded in love that she wants to be partaker of God’s plan. The one who loves has few questions and the one who loves surrenders himself. When she asked: “How is that going to be when I do not know my husband”, Holy Spirit gave the answer. She will conceive by love of the Holy Spirit”, said Fr. Branimir in a part of his homily for the 33rd Anniversary of Our Lady’s apparitions.