Hermine Bader: „I was moved by the living faith and the way of prayer in Medjugorje“

date: 04.03.2017.

Hermine Bader from Germany came to participate in the 24th International Meeting held in Medjugorje, as she is active in the Centre for Medjugorje in Germany. She said how this Meeting is extremely important, as well as their cooperation with Medjugorje parish. She came here as a pilgrim in 1997, for the first time: “I was invited to come here on many occasions before I finally came. Back then, I thought I should not be coming here, but one of my friends needed someone to accompany her, so I came, out of love towards her. Many things changed in my life during that trip. I was moved by the living faith and the way of prayer here. After that trip, I began to come each year, as Medjugorje was drawing me to come. Medjugorje is the greatest gift I received from Our Lady. Our Lady changed me and my family by her messages. I always observe pilgrims when they come here. Some of them began to change usually after few days and many of them began changed and return home being different”, said Hermine.