Fruits of Medjugorje in the world

date: 24.01.2016.

Sana Nassar from Lebanon is the founder of the non-profitable organisation "Friends of Mary, the Queen of Peace". Sana said that the fruits of Medjugorje are very impressive in Lebanon: „I know it is Gospa's wish for this to be the same all over the world. She would like her plan to be realised in the whole world, and that is for all of the people to get to know her Son Jesus, to start loving Him and to decide for Heaven. She is doing that in the very strong way, in Lebanon but in every other country where she is present“. Sana said that the youth is very responsive to Our Lady's call: „That is such a big proof that Our Lady here in Medjugorje has initiated something really great. Many priests and bishops told me when they see young people praying in this way, or fasting, which is not so easy for them, that it really fills them with hope. Young people are coming here and praying for hours. Youth in Lebanon or at the other places are attending the prayer meetings deriving from Medjugorje and often pray on their knees for hours. For me, that is a 'miracle', a 'grace' coming from Medjugorje, which eventually gives us will to do what Gospa wants us to do and to pray. We need to work the most with our youth and Gospa also gives them so much attention, as they are our future, the youth is the triumph of Gospa's heart“.