Friday, August 3, Programme of the International Prayer Encounter

date: 04.08.2018.

The central event of the International Prayer Encounter also this day was Holy Mass, celebrated by Fr. Marinko Sakota, Medjugorje parish priest, with 570 priests concelebrating.

After the evening Holy Mass, as in the previous years, the procession with the Statue of Our Lady was held in the area in front of the White Dome. After the Statue of Our Lady was brought to the altar, the Eucharistic Adoration began. In all of these days, there was a huge number of the priests available for confessions.

The morning programme began with the introduction prayer, led by Fr. Marinko Sakota, followed by the catechesis given by Fr. Ante Vuckovic. Married couple Marija and Darko Juranic spoke about the life with premarital chastity, after them Dario Vasilj from Medjugorje shared his conversion story after he was severe drug addict.

During the afternoon programme from 4 pm, volunteers of Mary’s Meals had opportunity to speak and the goal of this organisation is to provide each child in the poorest countries with a warm meal. The name of this organisation, created from Medjugorje, is after Mary, Mother of Jesus, who also raised her child in the poverty.  (photos)