Fra Zvonimir Pavičić was inducted into the service of the parish priest of Medjugorje

date: 17.08.2022.

On Sunday, August 14, 2022, in the parish church of St. James in Medjugorje, during the Holy Mass at 11 a.m., Fr. Zvonimir Pavičić was ceremonially inducted into the service of the parish priest of Medjugorje.  The Holy Mass was celebrated by Msgr. Aldo Cavalli, the Apostolic Visitor with a special role for the parish of Međugorje, and in the concelebration were the former parish priest of Medjugorje, Fr. Marinko Šakota, the new pastor of Medjugorje, Fr. Zvonimir Pavičić, and other priests.  At the beginning of the rite of introduction of Fr. Zvonimir Pavičić to the service of the parish priest, Fr. Antonio Primorac read the decree of the Bishop of Mostar-Duvanje, Msgr.  Petr Palić, by which Fr. Zvonimir Pavičić was designated and appointed as the new parish priest in Medjugorje.

After that, Fr. Zvonimir Pavičić renewed the promise he made during his priestly ordination, and he received the keys of the church so as to govern with authority the people whom God entrusts to him, to administer the sacraments, and once to deserve to enter eternal dwellings with his flock.  Then, with holy water, he blessed himself and all the faithful gathered at this solemn Mass celebration, and in his homily, he briefly referred to today's Gospel and, speaking of division, he said that it does not only happen between us and others, but that it can also happen within us - every time we deviate from God's commandments and take the line of least resistance in order to please the world.

"It is not easy to always harmonize your life with God's word, but it is not impossible.  We don't need to be afraid of society's condemnation, or even of possible division.  When it is difficult for us to stand against those who reject God, we should call out like the psalmist, and that is what we all sang today, "Lord, come to my aid", and the Lord will come to the rescue and be our strength, our Savior.  That it is not impossible to harmonize one's life with God's word is also told by such a cloud of witnesses, so many saints about whom the Letter to the Hebrews speaks.  Let them be a constant indicator that we should always direct our life towards God and harmonize it with God's word.  May their intercession always accompany us, especially the Mother's intercession of the Queen of Peace and the heavenly intercession of our patron St. James", said Fr. Zvonimir Pavičić, who at the end of the Holy Mass celebration, asked all gathered to pray for him and for all the priests who work in this parish, that they may serve both God and people well.

The previous parish priest Fr. Marinko Šakota told everyone to thank the Lord and Mother Mary for the new parish priest and at the end he thanked the Lord, Our Lady and the parishioners for everything that happened during all these years, and asked for forgiveness if he had hurt anyone. (PHOTO)