Fr. Yozefu – Balikuddembe Ssemakula: „Medjugorje is a place of great graces”

date: 05.01.2015.

Fr. Yozefu – Balikuddembe Ssemakula comes from Uganda, but he is serving as a priest in the United States. He has been a priest for 21 years and lately he arrived to Medjugorje for his third visit. The first two times when he came here was together with other pilgrims in a group, but he felt that he needed to come alone, to pray here more on his own. He said that Medjugorje always gives him additional strength: “When I arrived for the first time, I was already involved in a special mission of my own and that was prayer for healing of families. During my visit here, some people told me that Our Lady mentioned my mission in one of Her messages. I was surprised; I did not know that and these people told me that is in Our Lady’s message of March 25, 1997. After I read the message I realised there was great connection between my mission and Our Lady in Medjugorje. I travel all over the world and my mission is healing of families. I teach people how to pray and I explain them that all wounds we have received influence our behaviour. I can say that Medjugorje is a place where every person wishes to return again, one really feels hooked up to something here that makes him come over and over again. Indeed I feel that this place is really special and is source of many graces.”