Fr. Marin Marić: “One really feels the power of prayer in Medjugorje”

date: 07.10.2017.

Fr. Marin Marić is a parish priest of parish Dezevice. Dezevice is a place not far from Sarajevo, 912 meters above the sea level and is consecrated to Our Lady of Snow, while St. James of the Marches is the patron saint. When visiting Dezevice, you can see cave of St. James of the Marches, his water and much more, as well as many faithful who come to this place and pray to obtain their vows and pleas. It took more than 600 years for faithful to find out more about St. James of the Marches. Two years ago there was the International Symposium on St. James of the Marches, and the book on his work in Bosnia was published later on.

Fr. Marin Marić often comes to Medjugorje. In the programme of radio „Mir“ Međugorje he spoke on his calling and the experience of Medjugorje. In 2007 he walked from Kupres with his friends to Medjugorje:

„Before that pilgrimage I used to come with my family here and my mom used to say to us: “Now my children, you have the opportunity to confess here.” From that time on, the confession remained something ordinary for me and each time I come to Medjugorje, I go for confession here. Each time I would come here, either as a child, or now as a priest, was something special. One can really feel the power of prayer here. So many people, sick ones, those who do not believe, those who converted, mothers, grandparents praying with the genuine faith here to the Heavenly Mother. It is that spirit of the prayer that imbues everyone coming here with sincere faith. I gladly come here to pray on a pilgrimage and I will continue coming as long as I am able to. Only when I leave Medjugorje  I can speak about the fruits of Medjugorje. I am thrilled to hear about so many conversions, healings and miracles that take place here. Truly, we in Medjugorje need to pray to Our Heavenly Mother for holiness of sacraments, particularly confessions and Holy Mass, so all could remain in this Holy atmosphere“, said Fr. Marin hosting on our radio „Mir“ Međugorje.