Fr. John Fletcher: “Places like Medjugorje are Places of Extraordinary Graces“

date: 28.04.2015.

The period after Easter is always busy with many pilgrims and our journalist had the chance to talk to a few interesting speakers. Fr. John Fletcher is a member of the community "Friends of the Cross", which is established in Canada. He has been a priest for 14 years now and this is his 11th or 12th pilgrimage to Medjugorje. He came here 20 years ago for the first time, after reading the book "Thunder of Justice". This is what Fr. John told us: "The American writer Ted Flynn wrote that book and a whole chapter was about Medjugorje. A year later, I had the opportunity to come here. My coming followed my initial conversion. A number of important things happened as a consequence of my time in Medjugorje. After I left Medjugorje, I felt such a strong desire to serve to the Lord with my whole life. It is not that I thought of becoming a priest necessarily, but that desire was growing more and more within me. I believe that during my first visit Our Lady planted the seed of a priestly vocation in my heart, because only a few months afterwards I entered a seminary. Places like Medjugorje are places of extraordinary graces to which all people can come and their lives can be transformed. This is how they would be able to bring change to their communities."