Fr. Ivan Dugandžić: Let us be grateful that Gospa calls us her children

date: 27.06.2020.

The solemn Holy Mass of 39th Anniversary of Our Lady’s apparitions began with the procession, celebrated by Fr. Ivan Dugandzic along with 21 priests concelebrating and dozens of them confessing.

Due to this new situation, big groups of pilgrims were not able to be here, Holy Masses in different languages were not held, everything was more modest than normally, but nevertheless, great number of pilgrims was there.

''Even though all was different than before, I am certain that the most important remained unchanged: Love of our Heavenly Mother to us, her children and our faithful fidelity to her, our Mother. While just a few months ago this pandemic was at its peak, Medjugorje was quiet and empty, church of St. James was closed, even in those times we were certain that the Queen of Peace watches over us and that we were united with you all'', said Fr. Ivan Dugandžić and added: “Mary is now encouraging her frightened children, she sends a message of peace in the moment when it is obvious that peace cannot be guaranteed by mighty politicians and rulers of this world. Peace accords and conferences are held in vain, for peace is endangered more and more, since people do not talk about it with sincere intentions.

Our Lady’s promise of peace came with the invitation to conversion, change of man’s heart through the sacrament of reconciliation, celebration of the Eucharist, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, prayer, fasting…In the midst of immorality of this world, the oasis was made in the desert, something that many recognised and accepted and Medjugorje became the place of conversion and prayer, confessional of the world, which the Church recognised and accepted at the end.

''A year ago, reputable Vatican representative, Archbishop Fisichella, said from this place publicly that there is no better form of the new evangelisation, that the Church has been looking for, than to take the model of Medjugorje spirituality and plant it in all parts of the Church and the world. Let us truly be grateful that she considers us to be her dear children and invites us to be her witnesses and apostles in the plan of salvation of the world. Surrendered to her, let us be joyfully opened to the future God has been preparing to the Church and to the world. Amen!'', said Fr. Ivan in conclusion of his homily. (PHOTO)