Fr. Gonzalo Moreno and Fr. Carlos Ballbé: Spiritual vocations as a fruit of Međugorje

date: 11.01.2017.

Future priests, Fr. Gonzalo Moreno and Fr. Carlos Ballbé from Spain were our guests at radio Mir Medjugorje. As they told us, their vocations are a fruit of Medjugorje.

Fr. Gonzalo heard about Medjugorje for the first time in 2005, when John Paul II died.: „I worked for one newspaper in Madrid, and news came to us that one of Medjugorje visionaries saw John Paul II during his apparition. The Director of newspapers was very interested for this information and they even sent a journalist to Medjugorje, as more and more people were interested in this. I was supposed to follow him. My opinion on Medjugorje was very negative, I did not believe and I was against this. Back in Madrid, we interviewed a few people and they told us strange things about Medjugorje.

However, when I came here, everything was changed. I was able to see how people live faith, sacraments and there was huge devotion towards Gospa. Thanks to Medjugorje and spirituality, I can continue to grow in my relationship towards God, in my relation towards the Church, as Her son, and towards Our Lady, my Heavenly Mother. The fruit of Medjugorje is to get to know God fully. People in Medjugorje have real experience of God, it is not a theory for them. I came here twenty times since 2006. When I returned home after my first visit, nobody believed in what I was sharing about this place. They did not even believe when I entered priesthood. They had many reasons not to believe, as my previous life was not good. I was also involved in drugs. I understand why people did not believe, but now they do, as I am really a miracle of Our Lady. I encourage all to come here in Medjugorje.”

Fr. Carlos came to Medjugorje in 2005, for the first time. „First od all, I would like to say that my life was fully changed, as this is the place where I received my calling and I also had the experience of God’s vicinity. My whole family was changed thanks to Medjugorje. I believed in the apparitions from the first moment. My calling is the first fruit of Medjugorje, as I never thought of becoming a priest. This is where I learned how to pray with the heart with Our Lady. I studied to become a journalist and wanted to become a war reporter and I also trained field hockey. This is the sport I was engaged with ever since I was five. But, when I came back here two years ago, a major change took place in my life. To come back here means to come back to the roots, to the place where it all began, to take some fresh air and to breath.”