Fr. Danko Perutina: Believers in China are full of hope and faith, unlike us lukewarm Western Christians

date: 25.10.2021.

The online Conference on the fruits of Medjugorje in Chinese-speaking countries will be held on Saturday.  After the conference for the German and Spanish speaking countries, this is the third such conference and how the idea of ​​organising such conferences came about was explained by Fr. Danko Perutina, Mariologist, who is also the member of the organising committee of these congresses.

”Members of the Medjugorje Foundation in Spain had a desire to give something to Our Lady for the 40th anniversary of Our Lady's apparitions.  The initial idea was a film that would last 40 minutes in which they would try to summarise the most beautiful moments from 1981 until today.  In the meantime, Mr. Hubert Liebherr, director of the German Medjugorje Centre, came up with the idea to hold a two-day Conference in the honour of Our Lady for the 40th anniversary of Our Lady's apparitions, entitled "Medjugorje, a Model of New Evangelization for the World" to be held on January 30 and 31, 2021, which has been translated live into 15 world languages.  Encouraged by this idea, enthusiasts from Spain stopped the film and started working on the Conference for the Spanish-speaking area, which was broadcast live on May 29 and 30, 2021 from the Information Centre in Medjugorje under the title "By their fruits you shall recognise them" (Mt 7:16), and the conference was watched in 22 Spanish-speaking countries", said Fr. Danko, emphasising that the reactions were excellent, and there were a large number of those who followed these Conferences, which is understandable because "about half of Catholics in the world live in Latin America and Spain.”

The detailed program of this Conference is available HERE, and Fr. Danko said what viewers and listeners can expect from this Conference on the fruits of Medjugorje in Chinese-speaking countries, which will be held on October 30.

"All viewers can expect beautiful Medjugorje songs in Mandarin and Cantonese, as well as in Croatian, and the testimonies of bishops, nuncios, priests from the Franciscan Province of Herzegovina, family testimonies, conversions stories and these are pilgrims from Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Macau, Malaysia and all the Chinese, who are scattered all over the world", said Fr. Danko, and today we may forget that there are suffering and persecuted Churches.  One such is the Catholic Church in China, where believers are still persecuted.  Fr. Danko is in contact with Chinese pilgrims, so he told us what it is like to be a Catholic in China today-

''China has the highest economic growth in the world in the last 20 years. Cities and demographics are growing, but so is the number of Christians.  In 1949, when China was founded, there were about 4 million Christians, and today, 63 years later, there are about 70 million.  While in Western Europe and America the faith is fading, almost all Chinese Catholics pray the rosary and have devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus every day, because as they say the battle cannot be won without help from above.  Although the "underground church" suffers a lot, they are full of hope and faith, unlike us lukewarm Western Christians whose "spiritual antennae" for listening to God's voice are completely broken" said Fr. Danko Perutina, revealing that in addition to this Chinese Conference, already being widely prepared, online conferences on the fruits of Medjugorje are being planned for some other speaking areas.

"Conferences are also planned for the Russian-speaking area in February 2022, for the English-speaking area in late June and early July 2022 and for the Italian-speaking area in October next year," said Fr. Danko Perutina, and we invite you to be with  our video platforms and online conferences on the fruits of Medjugorje in Chinese-speaking countries entitled Pray and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you” (Mt 7:7).