Fr. Danijel Vidović: „In Medjugorje I feel peace and joy in my soul“

date: 26.06.2017.

Fr. Danijel Vidović is Salesian priest from Zepce. This is what he said about his experience of Medjugorje: „Today I came for a day to pray in person for all those that I carry in my heart, as well as for all those who were part of my formation. In a special way, I came to pray and to prepare for the activities that will follow and that I need to perform along with the youth. I heard about Medjugorje while I was a child. My mom told me that she was coming to Medjugorje while she was pregnant with me. I believe that my calling started here. I always felt peace and joy in my heart when I was here – this is the most beautiful place where I can come alone for a prayer and solitude. This is the spiritual peace one can feel in people here. This is where we can feel and see clearly all those things we did in our lives, those that were good and that were not so good, so we would come with Heavenly Mother Mary to perfection, to the faith, just as she did. Above all, I return home fulfilled to be able to do all those things I need to do. I can feel I would be able to do it with love, faith and sacrifice.”