Fr. Damir Pavić, OFM at Cross Mountain – Our lives are marked by the sign of the cross

date: 16.09.2020.

Eighty-six years have passed since the cross on Cross Mountain was built and the first Eucharist was celebrated on the hill that became so famous in the last decades all over the world. In Medjugorje, the Feast of Exaltation of the Holy Cross is celebrated traditionally on the first Sunday after the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, this year it was on September 13, and the solemn Holy Mass at 11 am was celebrated by Fr. Damir Pavic, OFM.   

''Everything we begin to do in our lives and all events until our last breath are marked by the sign of the cross”, said Fr. Damir and stressed how important it is to be with Jesus’ cross all the time, to cling to it.

He said that as he prepared for this Holy Mass, in his mind was the image of St. Peter, sitting by the fire in that horrifying night when Jesus was betrayed and surrendered to those who tortured Him to the death. This image of St. Peter, with fire the symbol of security, is the image of running away from the cross.

''We, faithful, instead of being at the foot of the cross, instead of embracing it and carrying it, we often run away from the cross. The problem of Christians today is that we all want Jesus miracle-maker, not the One who was crucified, and the main reason we avoid being at the foot of the cross is because it was from that cross that Jesus forgave all those who killed him and prayed for them.” Fr. Damir also quoted one beatified Croatian priest who was brutally murdered by communists and said:

''My vengeance is forgiveness. We need to forgive our enemies for only in that way we would invite them to conversion”, said Fr. Damir.

He explained the importance of Jesus’ words on the cross, especially those that He said to His beloved disciple, John: Behold your Mother! The words that are so significant for Medjugorje.

''Aren’t all these years of Mary’s presence the revelation of that promise of Jesus. Mary is here, we need her always, that is why she has been coming, appearing, for her heart hurts for her children. She suffers when she sees that children of Her Son, who shed His Blood for them, do not listen to His words and do not care for Him”, said Fr. Damir at the end. (PHOTO)