Fr. Alard Krzysztof Maliszewski, OFM was elected as the President of the Union of Friars Minor of Europe

date: 02.03.2023.

Fr. Alard Krzysztof Maliszewski, provincial from Poland, is the new president of the UFME (Unio Fratrum Minorum Europae - Union of the Minor Brothers of Europe).  He will succeed Fr. Miljenko Šteka in this position, and the new vice-president of the UFME is the provincial Fr. Mario Chiarello from Italy. Members of the UFME Permanent Council will be elected by individual European conferences at their sessions.

The XV General Assembly of the Union of Friars Minor of Europe - UFME (Unio Fratrum Minorum Europae) is taking place  in Medjugorje from February 27 to March 3, 2023. 

The theme of this meeting is "The future of UFME - where we have left, where we have arrived, we want to be".

In addition to about fifty provincials and custodes from Europe, the General of the Order of Friars Minor, Fr. Massimo Fusarelli, and the entire Administration of the Franciscan Order also participate in this session.

Today, the participants visited Mother’s Village in Medjugorje, and they will also visit other sights in Herzegovina.  The General Assembly ends tomorrow with a morning session and a Holy Mass, that will be celebrated by the new President of the Union of Friars Minor of Europe, Fr. Alard Krzysztof Maliszewski.