Flags 2 m x 1 m for the 20th International Youth Prayer Meeting

date: 05.05.2009.

The parish Medjugorje is preparing for the 20th International Youth Prayer Meeting – Mladifest, with the theme, “Do whatever he tells you” (John 2,5) (see: Program)

On the first evening of the festival - on Saturday after the Rosary and before Holy Mass - there will be welcoming words by and to the youth from different countries, and on Monday, a procession through the parish. For these two occasions, we would like to present in a solemn procession all the flags of the countries that are traditionally taking part in the Festival.

This is why we would like to ask you to be so kind to help us to get flags of exact dimensions 2 m x 1 m. On the list of the flags of different countries, (see here) we have marked which flags we do already have, and we are inviting you to be so kind and send to us those that are missing. The flags should be send by post or through a group of pilgrims latest by the 1st of July this year. On the list of flags, those that we already have are marked with a green cross. As soon as we get a firm promise for a flag, we will write that it is coming (“coming” in green letters), and as soon as it arrives, we shall put a green cross. If your flag is not on the list, and you want it to be, please let us know! For the contact, please write to the e-mail address lidija_paris@medjugorje.hr. Thank you!