First pilgrimage to Medjugorje

date: 20.07.2017.

Valerio Caprino was a member of Swiss Guard at the time of the pontificate of Holy Father Benedict XVI, from 2006/2011. These days he came to Medjugorje for the first time with his wife „I come from Switzerland and I am 31. My wife and I talked to few of our friends who have been here and they all told us we needed to visit Medjugorje, that this place was amazing. Two months ago we said we would take a holiday on the feast of Pentecost and drive to Medjugorje. We drove for 13-14 hours, came here and allowed this place to surprise us with all that makes it so special in the eyes of many. I felt peace in Medjugorje. One can meet here pilgrims from all over the world who, even though they speak different languages, all understand each other. Here, one can see that church is really one and unique. This is a place of pilgrims and I experienced wonderful things and heard testimonies of Cenacolo community. Here one can see that prayer is doing miracles. As many said, the prayer of the Rosary is the strongest weapon that needs to be used, we only need to believe in that. I want to return to Medjugorje”, said Valerio.

This is what he told us about how he became a member of the Swiss Guard: „As a young man, I used to follow Holy Masses of Pope John Paul II and it was then when I thought it would have been nice if I was a part of them, so I could be close to the Holy Father. I registered, sent all the documents and at the end, it came truth and I became a member of the Swiss Guard. This is a great privilege that Swiss people have, since they are the only ones who can be members of the Guard. This is the rule ever since year 1500, which Holy Father Julius II established. As he was Swiss, he wanted the Guard to be exclusively Swiss, Catholics and those who are members are not to be married. Good preparation for that service is praxis we have there for one month when we learn more about Vatican and details of the service, but we also learn Italian language. After those intensive one month, young man decides whether he wishes to stay in the service or not. It happens that someone realises they are not able to live like that, as that is more like a calling, not just a service. It is important to be faithful to the Church and to the faith. The Swiss Guard is like one family.”

( station „Mir” Međugorje)