Feast of St. Francis celebrated in Medjugorje

date: 08.10.2014.

The feast of St. Francis, the founder of the Franciscan Order was solemnly celebrated in Medjugorje on October 4, 2014. The traditional service of Transitus was held after the evening Holy Mass, on the eve of the Feast, at the White Dome of St. James’ church. Fr. Stanko Cosic was the main celebrant and conductor of this service. Many pilgrims were present, among them huge number of Irish pilgrims that traditionally come here in October. Mary O’Farrel came for the first time and she told us that she had been refusing to come here for years: “I always used to say that one day I would go to Medjugorje. My neighbour organised trip to Medjugorje and I had booked pilgrimage to Lourdes. She told me that the pilgrimage was organised specially for me, just to make me come here, and that is how I came at the end. The purpose of this pilgrimage is to pray for inner peace and for my mom who had car accident. I do not know many things about Medjugorje, but I am positive Gospa brought me here for a special reason. I am in the organisation board of pilgrimage for disabled persons to Lourdes and I also organise Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament back home. We had just celebrated the 25th anniversary of Adoration in our parish and I am very proud of that.”