Feast of St. Faustina Kowalska celebrated in Medjugorje

date: 09.10.2020.

On October 5, memorial of St. Faustina Kowalska, Holy Mass was celebrated in Surmanci, in one of branch churches of Medjugorje parish, by one of Medjugorje priests Fr. Renato Galic.

He said that it is obvious in the Old Testament that God was always along his people and similar thing was always in the course of the Church. God always lifted up certain people in difficult times, certain saints who in that certain moment made a change and brought a profit to the Church.

Fr. Renato said in his homily that God spoke through St. Faustina, who spent much of her life in the monastery and who revealed to her Divine Mercy.  

Fr. Renato said that God gives us unconditionally his mercy, forgives us our sins and invites us to forgive ourselves, to accept ourselves and our weaknesses and sins…

''The forgiveness that God gives us for free is invitation to us to give one another the same forgiveness and to spread love among each other'', said Fr. Renato.

This church has the icon of Merciful Jesus given to Medjugorje by pilgrims from Trento. This is the icon of a miracle that took place, a miracle needed for canonisation of St. Faustina. This church in Surmanci was consecrated to Divine Mercy in 2002 and many pilgrims gladly come here to pray before this very icon. Also, pilgrims who come here can find a first-class relic of St. Faustina and second-class relic of St. John Paul II. (PHOTO)