Experiences of pilgrims in Medjugorje

date: 15.05.2017.

Easter time in Medjugorje brought many pilgrims here and our press members had chance to talk to few interesting people.

Fr. Ante Jurić, member of the Province of the Most Holy Redeemer from Split, is one of them and he regularly comes to Medjugorje as a spiritual guide of pilgrims. He recalled news about the first apparitions, while he was in Canada at service there: „I spent forty years in Canada and America. The beginnings of the apparitions were major news among our immigrants and people from the very beginning took that news as a gift of Heaven, something most needed in today’s time. That is Gospa as a Mother, peace that she gives us is something most precious. Along with peace, she gives us her Divine Son Jesus Christ, who is genuine love and joy. People were very thrilled – it was good news of Our Lady’s apparitions in Medjugorje! I bring pilgrims here and I also confess while I am here”, said Fr. Ante.

Nada Kralj and Ane Bokun come from Dubrovnik. Mrs. Kralj says how she comes here twice or three times a year as she finds peace here that we need so much. Ane Bokun has been coming here for the last 27 years: „Medjugorje means great peace for me. Whenever I came here, I was always filled with peace, joy, content and I take it from here and bring to other people. We come here nearly every month.”

Association of retired people from Jastrebarsko near Zagren also organises regular pilgrimages for their members and they come to Medjugorje too. Đuro Mučnjak is their president and this is what he said: „We come to Medjugorje for years. When once comes here, he feels peace in his soul.” (photos)