Encounters in Medjugorje

date: 02.07.2010.

Press members of radio station Mir Medjugorje had chance to speak to many participants of this 15th seminar for priests that will last until Saturday, July 3rd and that has more than 250 participants – priests, deacons and novices.
They all express their joy to be here again and conclude by saying that they will come back again. Amando Sanz and Luis Maria Tejerina, priests from Spain, are involved in Medjugorje events from the very beginning: “We wanted to be close to Our Lady”, they said. Starting with their first coming to Medjugorje, they would pass on their experiences to others. They did that with great joy and enthusiasm. And they were never disappointed. Mary has a great role in evangelisation of the world.
Some of the participants mention how they used to be coming to Medjugorje in the first years of apparitions. They recall small village with few houses and sleeping in the open sky, since there was no accommodation at all. Few younger participants witness about receiving their vocation, right here, in Medjugorje. They are here to thank Our Lady.
There were also many priests who came as pilgrims for the 29th Anniversary of Our Lady’s apparitions. Fr. Damir Vuletic said to us then: “This place as it is can not be product of pure coincidence with so many conversions and events. So many encounters, numerous confessions, so much prayer and conversion, it is obvious that God’s blessing is here.” God’s message and the Gospel are for everybody, because God wants everybody to be saved. Great fruits of Medjugorje are prayer, Holy Mass, Holy Communion and conversions. For every priest this is the place of encouragement and consolation, for him to be able to see how faith is indeed lived and practiced.”
We can not avoid mentioning witness of three young men, Vilceg Novacki, Ivan Mecar and Tomislav Pozgaj who started walking on June 12th from shrine of Our Lady of Kamenita Vrata in Zagreb, and arrived to Medjugorje on Feast of St. John the Baptist, June 24th at 4 p.m. we travelled for 13 days, Our Lady followed us on our journey all the way, and gave us more and more graces with each day.
Amongst numerous Italian pilgrims, our team met members of the prayer community from the town of Asta, community that was fruits of Our Lady’s messages from Medjugorje.
“Our Lady invited us to form prayer groups and we felt the need to do something similar in our own town. At the beginning there were few of us, and with the time this group was larger and larger”, said Bruno, leader of the prayer group. They meet every Thursday from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. and pray Rosary with meditation and read one of Our Lady’s messages. Members of the prayer group say how many people experience conversion in their life after visit to Medjugorje and many would go for the sacrament of Holy Confession after living without it for decades. (photo)