Encounter of painters - Medjugorje 2005

date: 30.08.2005.

From August 22 to 29, in Medjugorje took place the Fourth encounter of painters – Medjugorje 2005. The particularity of this year’s encounter is, that it is thematically determined. The subject matter for the artists is mother, motherhood, Our Lady’s apparitions… This year, about 35 renowned and young artists came together, which is giving to this encounter also a character of a school of painting for young talents.

This year’s encounter, which is taking place in Mother’s Village, on the Apparition Hill, on Cross Mountain and at the house of prayer “Domus Pacis”, brought together the artists from Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia: Frane Radak, Antun Boris Svaljak, Vlado Puljic, Hamo Ibrulj, Anto Mamusa, Zdenko Jurisic, Mato Ljubicic, Edo Matkovic, Josip Skerlj, Franjo Primorac, Marija Dujmovic, Morena Brncic, Marija Pap, Drago Besenic, and others.

Next year, we are expecting also the artists from Serbia-Montenegro, as well as from Slovenia.