Easter in Medjugorje with many pilgrims

date: 02.04.2013.

There were many pilgrims who arrived to Medjugorje this Easter, among them was Fr. Manoj Pathiyil from India, who lives in Germany at the moment where he studies Theology. This is his first visit to Medjugorje. It was in India where he heard about the apparitions in Medjugorje, and after he came to Germany, he heard about Medjugorje again. “In the beginning, I found it hard to believe that Mother of God is personally coming to this place every single day, but after I arrived here, I can see that this is something real and these apparitions are really taking place. It seems to me that people are ready to accept God’s plan. I see that all pilgrims who have arrived here are so happy to be here and to share their experiences of how Mother of God influenced their lives and still influences them.” said Fr. Manoj.
Tom Lerick is in Medjugorje for the first time and he came with his family. He comes from Minnesota and his wife and his youngest child were in Medjugorje in October and that is when his wife told him that they needed to come as a family. “My kids go to three different schools, but this time their schedule was the same and we reliased it was God saying to us how we need to come to Medjugorje. We decided to go to Rome first with the intention to get to know our Catholic faith in the better way. We saw newly elected Pope, we were there for Holy Mass on Palm Sunday, and we are now in Medjugorje for Easter. It is really powerful feeling to be here. It might be hard for us today to live what Our Lady has been inviting us to do in our daily lives, but that is just because we do not have time for Her and we are always rushing somewhere. We need to go one step backwards and we need to slow down.
Another pilgrim shared her experience of Medjugorje with us. It was Maureen from Donegal in Ireland. She came to Medjugorje last year for the first time. She said how she received huge spiritual aid that remained with her throughout the whole last year and she decided to come again this year. “I have received huge graces here; I made many friends, only good things happened to me here. I would like to advise all who wish to come here, to come since this is where they can gain the purpose of their lives. This is where we learn about important things in our lives, not about the material things, we learn how Rosary is important. I carry my rosary beads with me everywhere now. The whole experience of Medjugorje and all other different experiences of other people, their stories, their happiness and their crosses, I find all that to be really special. Each one of us has our crosses and our burdens and we try to accept that and to live with that. This is from where I go back home refreshed and change of my life starts from here”, said Maureen. (photos)