Easter greetings from Medjugorje parish priest Fr. Zvonimir Pavičić

date: 08.04.2023.

Dear parishioners!  Dear friends!

In these days we had the grace to live the Holy Triduum and reflect on the mystery of our salvation.  In the resurrection of Jesus all of our hope lies, all of our joy.  His resurrection shows the end of all our pain and sorrow.  Therefore, let us rejoice, because as Christians we have the greatest hope - the Risen Christ, who lifts us above the transience of this world into his wonderful kingdom of light and peace.  Like Peter and John, let us run to the empty tomb full of faith, to be assured in Christ's love for us, to be assured in God's faithfulness to the eternal covenant made with the blood of Christ!  Like faithful women, let's announce the good news of the resurrection to the whole world!  As children of the resurrection, let us spread hope, joy and love in this world!  May the Risen One endow us all with his peace!

Happy Easter!

Fr. Zvonimir Pavičić,
Parish priest of St. James parish