Dr. Danijela De Micheli Vitturi from Split talks about her experience of this seminar for doctors and medical works

date: 15.05.2015.

Among the participants of the Third International Seminar for Doctors and Medical Workers in Medjugorje, we had opportunity to meet dr. Danijela De Micheli Vitturi from Split, who is specialising family medicine. Dr. De Micheli Vitturi  took part in every one of these three seminars. She said: „The theme of the seminar  „Peace be with you“ gives a message that those who come to Medjugorje will receive peace, so they may see where does the restlessness come from, whether it is their personal or in the world around them. As doctors, we are invited to take care of the health of the whole person, we cannot see the person if we exclude her soul. Fr. Ljubo Kurtović, the leader of the seminar gave us an option to think about this and to see what is that we can do to help man today to find peace, only if we approach them in the right way. In today's busy and rushing way of life, man is constantly bombarded by various information and that is how we can easily get lost. When we are burdened with business tasks and requirements, we are not able to find peace and the various illnesses develop out of that. It is extremely important to stand before the Lord and to see what are those pains and burdens that are disturbing us. It is important to find in each day a moment when we would stop, take a break and meditate upon that for a while“.