Documentary movie “I was not afraid to die” shown in Medjugorje

date: 02.11.2016.

On Monday, October 31, documentary movie, work of movie director Jakov Sedlar “I was not afraid to die” was shown in Medjugorje on October 31, in the Hall of John Paul II. This movie is about Anton Kikas and his patriotic mission in 1991.

Many parishioners, as well as people from the neighbouring places, arrived to see movie about this successful businessman, genuine patriot, poet and hero of Homeland War, born in Bijakovici, but lives in Toronto, Canada for the last few decades. We were able to see details of his patriotic mission in 1991, when he worked to help Croatia defend herself in the last war, as well as all other details he had to go through in those days. This movie brought back memories of sad events when dark clouds of aggression, destruction and attack on Croatian territory took place. This movie was also shown in Mostar and Siroki Brijeg. (photos)