Days of Bread held at the ruins of the old church in Medjugorje

date: 19.10.2018.

As in the previous years, this year too was active for all students and teachers of the elementary school in Medjugorje, when they celebrated Day of Thanksgiving for the fruits of the earth and labour.

On Wednesday, October 17, 2018, this event began with the prayer of children and their parents, led by the parish priest Fr. Marinko Sakota, and it continued in play, songs and music, as well as tasting of all the food made by the children and their parents.  

 Mons. Henryk Hoser, came to this event and was visibly thrilled with what he saw there!

Around 500 students and teachers of the elementary school, set around 20 tables and there was sale of bread and pastry products they made. Their creativity was obvious in all they did and learned from their teachers and parents, many of them reflecting the work of their predecessors too. The sale was opened for all parishioners as well as for the thousands of pilgrims present in Medjugorje in these days.(photos)